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I have over 25 years of experience as a lawyer in the North East of England. Throughout my professional life I have provided a range of legal services to business and private clients, with an emphasis and reputation for providing bespoke, technically excellent advice, that is in the best interests of my client. For the last 20 years I have been a partner in the law firms where I have worked, holding senior positions, contributing to the running of the business.

When I was first qualified as a Solicitor I remember a colleague talking about needing to arrange for a client to see a Notary Public. I had not even heard of a Notary Public, so duly disappeared to look up what a Notary Public was! What became clear to me then, was that not many people actually knew what a Notary Public was and those that did were not completely clear as to what one did! There were very few here in the North East. Having spent six years qualifying as a Solicitor however I decided to wait a while before embarking on becoming a Notary.

In order to qualify as a Notary Public I had to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Notarial Practice, which took two years of intensive study, whilst also working full time. I was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Notarial Practice by the University of Cambridge in 2007.

So, what is the difference between a Solicitor and a Notary Public? They are both lawyers, but put simply, Solicitors deal with matters of English law whereas a Notary Public authenticates and certifies facts, events and documents which will be used world wide. Some Notaries do not deal with matters involving the United States, but I can offer a global service.

A Notary Public is a highly specialist lawyer and I work closely with other lawyers and professionals, businesses and individuals across the North East to deliver an efficient and cost effective notarial and legalisation service. I combined practice as a property lawyer and as a Notary Public for many years, but I practice full time as a Notary Public which enables me to provide a wide range of notarial services to clients across the North East of England.

I act as a consultant property lawyer on a project basis which I thoroughly enjoy too.


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